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Duodenal Switch & The Stinky Life In Ketosis

Most people have heard the word before, ketosis. If you have spent any significant part of your life on a low carb diet plan, Atkins for example, then it's a place--a promised land. KEAVEN.

Get it?
Ketosis + Heaven?
Forget it...

On the other side of the same coin, if you have spent any significant part of your life on a high protein diet (that's me!), then eventually you realize that it's very similar to the first diet mentioned in this post: the low carb one. Then, ketosis is this weird smell that you have no word for until the K word comes along. KONFUSION.

I know you got that one...

The Big Stink

The last time I paid any attention to ketosis was the 1st time I heard the word, somewhere around Month 3 after my Duodenal Switch. I can't remember how it came up, but it was definitely at the same time I got over being shy about talking about my bathroom habits.

As a side note, nowadays, I don't know how to have a DS discussion WITHOUT talking about poopin'...

At Month 3, I thought all the smell was coming from what I was gettin' rid of. And it was, unfortunately. But now I understand what ketosis was then, and how it works with me now. I'm doing a lot of reading on the topic too. Because lately, I need to know what the deal is.

Normally, in my case, before the surgery, my body relied on the carbohydrates I fed it for fuel. Never mind HOW MUCH, but that as part of the natural order of things, the human body burns carbs for fuel--energy.

After my Duodenal Switch, I am no longer able to tolerate eating large amounts of refined carbohydrates, and in some cases, simple carbs too. This is owed to the configuration of my guts, which doesn't allow too much transformation of the refined processed food into energy, and what I get is the bloated, painful feeling which has led me further away from eating them over the past 2 years.

When I do make an effort to eat it,  like, a Lil Debbie Swiss Roll for example, I experience an extremely high sugar rush (or what used to pass as energy back in the day), followed by an intense low. I don't know if it's similar to what RNY'ers experience, but to me, this is one form of DS dumping. The low leaves me feeling very tired, sometimes sleepy, and later, extremely gassy.

That makes it a food not worth having. Because the instant gratification is not long enough lived. My DS body doesn't use it at all, so I just put myself through drama for nothing. No energy gained, in fact, it's taken away from me because I've just made my body work harder to expel the wretched thing.

The only thing to come out of that Swiss Roll is I burned more energy in getting rid of it AND to continue in that manner would definitely raise concerns that I haven't really learned a thing about HOW to eat to LIVE. 


Enter the Duodenal Switch, high protein diet and ketosis.

Ketosis is a metabolic state whereby your body, having less carbohydrates to burn for energy, burns fat instead. 

Ketosis + Duodenal Switch fat malabsorption = Mucho weight loss. For long time. For very long time, even after there isn't much fat to burn.

So now, I'm really eating to live. Because I've burned off all the fat that I used to have. I weigh 125lbs.  (Down from my surgery day weight 284 lbs) For my height, which is 5'7, I'm in a normal range with a BMI of 19.6.

I used this calculator from the Center for Disease Control--try it! 

At this point, all the fat and protein I ingest during a 24 hour period is continually being burned off for my own energy. Weight gain can happen, has happened, and WILL happen if I upset the balance by upping carbs. It will cause me a little more discomfort if it's refined, less so if it's not, but what I expect to see is no weight loss/gain.

But Why Does Ketosis Make You Stink?

It's extremely likely that as I burn my own fat, and malabsorb up to 80% fat, that's a lot of action goin' on in the bathroom...fat tastes good going in. Stinks on it's way out.
  1. The poop of meat eaters smells worse than say, veggie dieters...
  2. The fatty poop of meat eaters smells horrendously worse because while in ketosis--burning the fat--I'm also not absorbing much of the fat I eat, I'll throw away much more than I keep for energy
  3. Take your vitamins, and YEAH, you should still be drinking a protein shake. << Totally relevant.
  4. Then there's some other stuff about ketosis, ketones, bad breath and even it here.
Two years later, and still much more to learn...

Happy Mother's Day.

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